Recycling Program Endorsed by Mexican Government


Mexico City Governor Eruviel Ávila endorsed the Government of Mexico with the Mexican Association of the Automotive Industry (AMIA), for investments and the number of plants continue to grow this industry in the state, because this means more jobs for mexicans and greater economic benefit to increase the competitiveness of the state.

“I expressed solidarity and willingness to create a permanent alliance with the association for this industry to grow in the country and, of course, especially in the State of Mexico. We are the entity that most plants have on the automotive industry and we are interested in the State of Mexico continue to promote these plants or, if necessary, can be increased, more economic benefit and more employment is generated and thus more competitive for our state, “he said.

Noting that the automotive industry generates more than 130,000 jobs in the state in the form of sales, automotive manufacturing and other sub industries, Eruviel Avila said his administration is constantly working to offer more investors better competitive advantages, such as the implementation of State Vehicle Recycling Program, with which they have chatarrizado more than 43,000 vehicles in so far this year to combat theft of vehicles and auto parts, as well as improving the environment, preventing pollution of ground water  and air.

Accompanied by Eduardo Solis Sanchez, president of the AMIA, the director of this organization and Adrian Fuentes Felix Villalobos, Secretary of State for Economic Development, explained that this program was made possible with the modification that the administration made to the Administrative Code of the State of Mexico in Articles 7.7.4 and 7.7.5, so that cars older than six months in corrals or deposits, without being claimed, are given as abandoned and are applicable to scrapping. This will enable car and van parts to become more available to the public in the long term as well as increase the supply of used trucks.

The governor added that the Government of Mexico promoted the reform of Article 152 of the Penal Code, which punishes criminal property owners where auto parts or vehicles sold illegally obtained, and empowers the Ministry of Economic Development to issue a Feasibility license to these establishments, provided they meet the requirements of urban development, environmental impact and the origin of motor is known.


He also mentioned that the first stage of this project is a survey of sites that sell auto parts and vehicles for compliance with regulations and procedures in irregularities is are found.

Eruviel Ávila vowed to take to the bosom of the National Conference of Governors (Conago) and Megalopolis, the main concerns of this sector, most notably the creation of a vehicular magazine to ensure that cars have the physicochemical conditions mechanical and safety for driving, ensuring the integrity of motorists and pedestrians.

Meanwhile, Eduardo Solis, president of the AMIA, said that the state government and the agency will work to create more opportunities for development, and to encourage technological and engineering potential in this sector, since it has a special interest in the area.

The Governor made a very important speech highlighting the most important features that make the State of Mexico today not only the state that has more of our industry and OEMs like ford but also have the desire to have the authority to go climbing for more engineering, more technological development.